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Burger King Changes Its Tagline

If you want to be liked by everyone, Burger King might be the place to go. The company has been using the “have it your way” slogan for over 40 years, but this year they’re switching to the “be your own way” slogan. The new slogan will be rolled out worldwide and in the U.S. shortly. Here’s why. The new slogan is more about relating to your lifestyle, not just your tastes.

Burger King has had some trouble with their social media campaigns. A Georgetown University professor called the ad “sexist clickbait.” The brand deleted the tweet on Tuesday and apologized. The ad has triggered a backlash from people who felt left out of the conversation. In addition, some customers refuse to watch ads because they’re so obvious. This new tagline will help Burger King win back customers who’ve been turned off by the “I am Woman” campaign.

The new tagline is a nod to the company’s desire to appeal to individuality. While Burger King isn’t alone in promoting individuality, other fast food companies have jumped on the bandwagon. Taco Bell has been using the “Live Mas” slogan for over a year and it literally means “live more.”

Burger King was launched in the United States in the late 1960s, as a direct competitor to McDonald’s. It targets a similar demographic and provides similar services. The “Have it your way” tagline is meant to give customers a feeling of power and authority, and the brand reached 62nd in Forbes’ Annual List of Valuable Brands in 2016.

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