Do You Eat the Same Cake Every Year For Your Birthday?

Do you eat the same cake every year on your birthday? You are not alone. I hear the same thing every year too. Isn’t it time to change it up? Well, if you don’t want to eat the same cake every year, at least try something new. Here are some creative ideas. Use existing sayings or create your own. And remember to keep your wits about you!

In olden days, people ate the same birthday cake every year. After dinner, they would replace the candles. The birthday boy or girl would make a wish and try to blow out all the candles in one breath. But he or she didn’t tell anyone about it. But in recent years, some cultures have changed this tradition. Some cultures have even added an extra large candle to the cake. And some people believe that blowing out the candles on your birthday is good luck.

The oldest birthday tradition involves putting something inside the cake. In ancient Greece, people would bake a moon-shaped cake and place a candle inside. These were offerings to the goddess Artemis. Many believed the smoke from these cakes would reach the heavens and bring people luck and love. If you are planning to get married, a dime hidden inside the cake will bring you riches. If you’d rather avoid superstitions, however, you could try putting a coin or ring inside the cake.

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