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How Much is an IPL Player Salary Per Match?

How much is an IPL player’s salary per match? In order to make the calculations, there are several factors to consider. Some franchises only pay the players before the season begins, while others pay them during the season. The most commonly used formula is the 15-65-20 rule, wherein the player earns fifteen percent of his or her contract amount before the season begins and sixty percent during the season. The franchisee must also pay any relevant taxes.



According to the latest IPL Player Salary Survey by Sporting Intelligence, this is the highest ever. Players’ salaries have been increasing every year, and the auction amounts are also increasing. The average first-team salaries in several top leagues were also included. In 2017, the auction for the IPL’s TV rights was worth more than $2 billion US dollars. This is an incredible deal for fans, and many players have walked away with multi-crore deals.



In addition to the IPL’s fixed salary cap, the franchises also have to pay for overseas players. During the auction, 204 cricketers were sold, including 67 from overseas. Ten franchises spent a total of Rs 5,51 million, which is almost the equivalent of four million dollars. Archer is not eligible to play this year due to injury, but the Mumbai Indians paid Rs 8 crore for him, a record figure for a cricketer quoteamaze

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