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How to Cope With Sleep Regression Stages

If you’ve been trying to put your baby to sleep, you’ve probably heard of the various sleep regression stages. These stages are a normal part of baby’s development and may be the cause of your worries about their sleep. Listed below are the stages your baby will go through. If your child is experiencing a sleep regression stage, you can do the following to help them cope with the changes. Keep in mind that sleep regression stages may come and go, so it is important to be aware of when your baby goes through each stage.

If your child is dependent on you for their sleep, he or she will need your cues during this time. Ultimately, sleep regression will go away once your baby learns to self-settle. Self-settlement is an important milestone, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires coaching, consistency, and time. And, it’s never too early to start addressing this issue. So, keep these stages in mind and stay calm!

First of all, it’s important to know that a sleep regression stage can be avoided by creating a soothing environment. Try to make your child’s bedroom a calm, quiet place without any distractions. Ask yourself if you would sleep in this room! Try to find a quiet place without a television or any other distractions that can disrupt the sleep. You can also make sure that the temperature in your child’s room is right for sleep.

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