How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

If you’d like to create a beautiful image gallery on your site jobexpressnews, you can do so through the HTML code. Image gallery web parts can be added to any page, title region, or web part. They display images grouped by category or tag, and you can choose to show only certain image thumbnails on the page or in each column. You can also select the style of the thumbnails, including how far apart they appear and whether they should be displayed side-by-side makeidealcareer.

You can create a gallery by clicking on the Add Media button in the Posts or Pages section getcareergoal. Select an image or images from your media library. You can use the Shift or Crtl key to select multiple images. Then, click on the Create Gallery tab and you will have a gallery with your pictures.

If you create an image gallery in WordPress, you can include a description and tags. This will help your visitors find the asset they want easier careerpioneer. You can use the gallery on another site, as long as the URL is the same. The maximum thumbnail size is 500 pixels. To change the thumbnail size, click and drag the dotted line in the preview box.

Image galleries can be displayed in thumbnail grid, tiled mosaic, or carousel view. The latter allows the user to scroll through the images in the gallery yourjobnews.


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