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How to Write an Essay in 5 Minutes

Trying to figure out how to write an essay in 5 minutes? You’re not alone! Many students are pressed for time and resort to using quotes or long passages from other writers. While this tactic can save time, it shows that you don’t understand the subject well. The vast majority of the essay should be the student’s own work. Short quotes here and there should be accompanied by a brief commentary explaining the significance of the quotation.



Another trick to write a great essay in less than five minutes is to use the power of underlining. The highlighting of key words and instructional words helps students focus on the topic and write with purpose. You can save time and avoid committing common mistakes when writing an essay. You can also use an essay checker to make sure that it is within requirements. Finally, consider using an eBook that has practical information to help you improve your skills overallnetworth

Students should avoid copying and pasting paragraphs from other sources because this method can be tempting. While this practice may be effective for time-pressed students, it is unethical and prevents students from learning more about the subject thoroughly. Moreover, an essay is supposed to consolidate learning and prepare students for exams, so plagiarism is a huge no-no. There is one other way to improve your essay’s structure and content – by reading articles and books.



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