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Making Technology in Education a Future Classroom

With the rise of technology, it’s possible to integrate digital tools into the classroom. The benefits of such tools go beyond the traditional classroom. They give students access to a plethora of programs, resources, and information. For example, teachers can find leveled readers and allow students to choose research topics. Teachers can then assign programs to help students further process their research and ideas. This can be done during centers or group work, which frees up teachers’ time to provide individualized instruction.

One of the greatest advantages of using educational technology in the classroom is the ability to automate tasks and make students more engaged. The ability to record attendance, grade, and other information is now a simple click away. With an app for iPad, teachers can record attendance from their students simply by marking their names on the iPad as they enter the classroom. Online assignments also help teachers streamline their work, freeing up time for assessing student learning outcomes.

Ultimately, technology is changing how students learn. As technology continues to develop, so will the way educators teach. Teachers who leverage these advancements will be at the forefront of education leadership. By harnessing the power of increased internet bandwidth and higher network capabilities, teachers will be able to bring advanced technology into their classrooms with greater ease. Augmented reality, for example, allows teachers to enhance real-world materials by using 3D virtual worlds.

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