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Renting a Human Hamster Ball

A human hamster ball is a fun, interactive toy for small animals. This soft, malleable plastic ball is made from two separate parts that zip together for inflating and deflating. Each piece weighs less than a pound and is only 0.8mm thick. You can purchase one to play with one hamster or a set of two balls. These hamster balls are great for parties and other events.

The giant human hamster ball is safe and suitable for parties of all ages and can be rented for use outside or indoors. The outside temperature should be at least 55 degrees. It is safe for children to play in these balls, although you should make sure that the area is grassy. For a fun experience, consider renting a giant human hamster ball from USA Inflatables. These inflatable balls stand nine feet high after inflation and are filled with cushion.

Human hamster balls come in many varieties. Some are similar to bubble soccer balls and can be used on dry surfaces, while others are made specifically for water. Both types are great fun for people of all ages. Inflatable ball rentals are an excellent option for parties, celebrations, and corporate team building events. A&S Play Zone is the premier inflatable rental company in the state of Ohio, so make sure to give us a call today to book your Human Hamster Ball. We have the best prices on inflatables and will deliver your order promptly sccbuzz

If you’ve been wanting to try out a giant inflatable ball, a rockin’ Jump trampoline park is the perfect place to start. The rocking park is full of exciting activities, including a giant human hamster ball. Check out the hours of operation and special events. You can enjoy a day of fun with your friends or family at this fun trampoline park! And you can even rent a giant hamster ball for your next party!

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