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Virat Kohli IPL Salary

Virat Kohli is one of the highest paid players in the IPL. He has ifpnewz already earned more than Rs 143 crores in IPL so far. He will earn around Rs 15 crore in IPL 2019. Despite being a middle-order batsman, Kohli has not been part of IPL auctions, but was bought by RCB during the 2008 U-19 player draft. In 2011, he was the wikiblog only player kept by RCB, and his salary went up from Rs 8 lakhs to Rs 12.28 crore in each season from 2011 to 2014.

The first season of the IPL, Virat Kohli earned a paltry 12 lakhs. This sum is still not that big for a cricketer, but it is a huge amount compared to many other players. Kohli is the itsmyblog highest-paid player in the IPL, and his salary 123gonews continues to rise with each season. He is one of the best batsmen of recent times, and his first IPL salary was not that much.

Aside from his IPL salary, Kohli earns several other sums outside the game. In addition to a seven-figure retainer fee, he also gets a free newsbiztime match for every Test, ODI, and LOCS game. Kohli is also a high-profile endorser, and recently signed an eight-year deal worth $ 17 million with Puma.

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