What is a Solar System? And How Does it All Fit Together?

When you think of our Solar System, you probably see images of planets and stars. Then you ask yourself: What is a Solar System? And then you might ask yourself: How can it all fit together? Well, let me help you with that. Solar systems are not only made up of stars, but also of planets. And the solar system itself is made up of all sorts of things, including planets.

Objects in the Solar System exhibit different dynamical characteristics. Planets and asteroids orbit the Sun in a counterclockwise direction. These objects have prograde or retrograde orbits. Major planets, asteroids, and short-period comets move in a slightly inclined orbit, making them appear to be moving in a circular band. They also have central axes that spin in the opposite direction.


In the first few billion years of the solar system’s existence, the Sun was surrounded by a cloud of interstellar dust. This cloud eventually collapsed into a solar nebula, a flattened cloud of gas and dust. The protosun’s energetic wind removed most of the solar nebula’s gas. The remaining dust grains were sucked into the midplane, where they coagulated into kilometer-sized planetesimals.

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The outer boundaries of a solar system are determined by its mass. The Sun is the center and most massive object in the solar system, with its mass corresponding to three hundred thousand times Earth’s mass. The gravitational attraction between the Sun and the other stars defines the boundaries of the solar system. The outer boundaries of a solar system extend outward, from the Sun to a distance of about 100,000 AU.

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